Laser Cut

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    Laser Cut Mandala



    Project: Life Size Mandala

    Class: Emerging Technologies Studio

    Deliverables: 3 feet wide, 5foot height, 10 foot length,

    Date: Fall Semester 2021


    LeKesha Parkman
    Cnc & foam
    Acrylic paint

    I created a project that is not only physically multilayered but also representative of my multi-faceted artistic nature. I drew inspiration from 90’s aesthetic and concrete poetry.

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    Laser Cut Bowl


    Africa Bowl

    Project: Laser Cut Bowl

    Class: Emerging Technologies Studio

    Deliverables: Final dimensional bowl

    Date: Fall Semester 2020 (edit)

    Description: The forth project involved designing and laser cutting a wood bowl.The shape of my bowl is based off of the continent of Africa. I outlined the shape in Adobe Illustrator and made it a stroke. Once I unified the image, I offset the path until I had several layers. After laser cutting it I glued each layer and let it dry for one day. Shortly after a relative saw it and liked it so much they bought it.