Community Through Commonality: Honors Research Project

  Community Through Commonality Project: Honors Research Project Abstract: For this project I will draw on the knowledge I have gained from attending UA. Before I became a student I thought I had to know exactly what I wanted to study and stick to whatever I chose. As a result of being an incredibly indecisive person, this prospect terrified me. College has been nothing like I imagined but in the best way. I have grown in a variety of areas and have also had the privilege of seeing my classmates grow in similar ways. My proposal for this project is multifaceted but each piece is necessary to the other components. It will consist of an essay, interviews, research that explores the psychological markers for growth, photography, full size portraits and a website. During this process I hope to convey an appreciation for people and their experiences. The participants included in my project will hopefully learn more about themselves as they share their experiences with me and eventually with future viewers. I hope to create an overwhelming and inspiring experience that will mimic my own since attending UA. Link to research paper: